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"Kim helped us so much when we were looking to buy a house. We had never bought a house so we didn’t know where to begin.  At the time, we were stationed overseas whichmade things a little more difficult. We were referred to Kim by someone who had workedwith her before and said how good of a job she had done for them. We emailed Kim and she got right to work for us sending us listings and answering the endless amounts of questions we had. She would always reply right away no matter the time or day of the week. When we arrived back Stateside, Kim had several houses lined up for us to view according to the preferences we provided her. Kim would go out of her way to be there with us as we viewed the houses to explain how things worked and things to consider.  We learned so much from her during this time. The level of involvement Kim had with us was just amazing. Even though she had several clients she was helping at the same time, we felt like we were her only clients. Kim was right there with us from day one and still stays in contact with us to make sure things have continued to go well. She is a true professional who has a vast knowledge and experience with Real Estate and it is clearly her passion, as well. Needless to say, Kim quickly became our friend as we went through this process and we will always contact her first with anything dealing with Real Estate and will recommend her to anyone we know wanting to buy or sell a property."

- Alejandra Bowers

"When we first met Kim 3 and 1/2 years ago, she was like a breath of fresh air. We had only one weekend to find a
home and she certainly proved she was the gal for the job. We visited about 5 or 6 homes and her experience with
homes and locality was on spot. Kim let us look, then got our opinion, and then she worked her magic in the
questions she asked to direct our needs. Kim also has such a friendly air and laugh about her. Three years later
she helped my son and his family also find a home. I recommend Kim 100%."

- Doreen Bowers

"Kim was absolutely amazing when it came to buying our new home in NC. It was a large transition from PA but she
made us feel safe and confident about our decision. She wasn’t pushy one bit and knew the local area very well.
We’ve now lived in our home for 7 months and couldn’t be happier with it and the location. Thank you so so much
Kim. We are very happy that we chose you as our realtor."

- Jesse Rivera

"After living in my old home that has been in my family since 1893, this move
would comprise translocating over more than 500 miles. From the outset, I began
learning that moving is “conceptually” simple but the real-life experience is far more
difficult. Fortunately, a realtor friend of mine found Kim, a realtor in the area where I
wanted to move.
Kim stuck with me through two years of indecisions, questions, frustrations, and
exhaustion with the real estate research and information gathering processes, all of
which are so necessary. On more than 1 occasion I found homes I wanted but lost them
by a day because I was too slow in calling Kim to make an offer.  Through the
disappointment, Kim reminded me that we would find another, and she was right. Kim
always has your back.

Are there property tax issues where you want to move? Is the house appropriately
priced? Is it in a flood zone? Are there hail storms or serious hurricanes? Are there age-related issues with the home you want such as outdated plumbing that can’t be easily
replaced or an HVAC system that’s 30 years old? Is there a housing development
scheduled for construction at the backyard boundary of the property you want which
currently overlooks acres of beautiful woodlands? I faced all these issues in my search
and Kim was always there not only to do the heavy digging when necessary but also to
oversee all of the legal and technical issues associated with buying a home, ensuring
that everything went as it was supposed to go.
Kim even found my movers for me. Luckily, they were former clients of Kim’s and
willing to move me from my area to my new home, which isn’t far from their base. I also

worked with independent loaders and unloaders but the total cost of my move was still
half to two-thirds less than other moving options available in my area.
Kim is a natural-born realtor. Moving is stressful and demanding of business acumen,
investigative persistence, and professionally detailed knowledge in cross-related fields.
Kim has all of these elements and will further pursue whatever is necessary to ensure
that your realty experience is satisfying and rewarding to you.”

- Bill Yarnall

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